Scotiacon 2022


Adondis is a 20 y/o furry artist all the way from East Tennessee in the US!
It’s his first time overseas and he is a dancer, comic maker, and expert in interpersonal communication.
His fursona is a party poodle named Russell
His fursuit, Damien, is made by AheunFursuits and if you see him around feel free to come give him a hug and chat!

  • Learn Improv and Improv Games
  • Social Skills: Getting Over Your Social Awkwardness
Alec DeLoupe

Head of AV. Presser of buttons, lighitng tech, normally found attached to the coffee machine or hiding under the table.

  • Live Performance by Drums n Roses
Alexander Silverfang

The great paw overlord

  • Fursuiting 101


  • My First Con
  • Scotiacon Fursuit Dance Competition
  • Scotiacon Fursuit Dance Competition Rehearsal
  • Husky Meetup
Azakir Devaris

Professional dragon, purveyor of puzzles, and creator of assorted shenangians. Designed and ran the escape room at ScotiaCon in 2019, doing so again in 2022!

  • Murder on the Dancefloor: An Escape Room
Bladewolf Kagekiyo

Blue Hair Siberian Wolf Residing in Nottinghamshire, UK. A Fursuiter, You-Tuber and Streamer talking about Motorsports and Sim Racing from a Furry perspective.

  • Simufur Meet and Greet

Scotiacon co-chairman, long time inflatable collector.

  • Airheads (inflatables panel)
  • Ceil’s Karaoke Conundrum
  • Fursuit Repairs with Ceil and Dasker
  • The Barkade, Friday Edition
  • The Barkade, Saturday Edition
  • The Barkade, Sunday Edition

Large blue dragon obsessed with hashbrowns and wine

  • Danza's Life is Goodish Volume V
  • Pub Quiz
Frío Wuffle

Maker of things, giver of sweets.

  • Shadow Raccoon's Price is Right
  • Trudge

Been in the furry fandom since 2008. When I'm not working as a games programmer, I wear a fursuit, I draw and write on occasions, and I research furry history.

  • History of the Furry Fandom in Scotland

The cat goes mew.

  • Blackjack tournament

Your resident Savage plant mum Aka Mother of Triffids. Specialist in carnivorous plants, tropical plant enthusiast, keeper of tiny cactai, aloes and far too many money trees

  • Lets Talk Plants!
  • Open Mic

23 year old Scottish blue and white doggo from Scotland

  • Fursuit games
Rik McCloud
  • Wags n Wheels
Scot Skunk
  • Would I Lie Awoo?
  • Art Auction
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Ceil’s Karaoke Conundrum
  • Fursuit Repairs with Ceil and Dasker
  • My First Con
  • Scotiacon Fursuit Dance Competition
  • Registration
  • Live Performance by Drums n Roses
  • All Welcome Dasker
  • Fursuit games
  • 70's Disco Night
  • Scotiacon Fursuit Group Photo
  • Wags n Wheels

1991 - present

  • Dragon Meetup
Shadow Raccoon
  • Shadow Raccoon's Price is Right

Enthusiastic, passionate amateur photographer, wanting to share his knowledge with everyone so you can take better photographs! Scotiacon Attendee since 2017, active in the Fandom since 2014.

  • Tibbs Talks Photography!
  • Fursuiting 101